About Houston Business Lounge

A Coworking and Collaborative space. What's YOUR dream?

Traditional, full-time office spaces are no longer required to run successful businesses. Many of us just need a place to “dock” for short periods of private work time, entertain clients, handle last-minute administrative duties, or just as a change of scenery from the isolation and distractions of working from home. 

We prefer a cozy, yet professional atmosphere, without the noise and cramped spaces that usually come with coffee shops and restaurants. Occasionally, we need a space for group meetings and they prefer having a consistent location in which to host events. Having a consistent venue simplifies our planning efforts and gives us added confidence of knowing what support and resources we will have in place when we need them. 

Does this sound like you? If so, come join us at the Houston Business Lounge!

We are:

*  eLearning Professionals
*  Artists
*  Direct Sales Professionals
*  Instructional Designers
*  Coaches/Speakers
*  Trainers
*  Consultants
*  Software Developers
*  Social Media Consultants
*  Content Writers/Bloggers
*  Project Professionals

*  Community Development Experts
*  Creative Professionals
*  Real Estate Agents
*  YOU!!!
All, with a desire to SHARE and make a DIFFERENCE!

5700 NW Central, Suite 401, Houston, TX 77092